Six Keys Phrases for Testing Your Conlang: Ubese!

I wanted to test out the 6 Key Phrases on the Ubese (Star Wars) conlang I have played with in the past.

Oh by the way, in a previous post I remarked that it seemed silly to not have the B sound in a language called "Ubese," but these kind of things happen all the time in the real world. Germany vs. Deutschland vs. Allemagne - all names for the same country! Ubese could have been said to some explorers as "Uhheesh" but those explorers, due to their own phonology, could only say it as "Oobeez(and spell it as Ubese)." Maybe Ubes means "quiet" or "few words" in their language, and this attribute becomes the name of the people? Or the person that discovered them might have been called Ub? There are definitely some ways you can have some fun with this, as you pick names in your con.

In order to speak this correctly, keep your jaw closed but part your lips. Do not move your lips!
Phonology: t, sh, ch, k, n, l, hh (a harsh H sound made back in the throat), y (semi-vowel), ee, ay, aw, i, o, a, u
Morphology: CICV(T) (Consonant, Inflected-vowel, Consonant, Vowel, Optional-Tense-vowel)
Inflections: I=ee, you=a, it=aw, he=o, she=e, we=ay, they=u,
Grammar/Syntax: SOV
Vocabulary (inflected vowel shown as aw for neutrality): red=kaunee, John=Chawnaw, give=kawshee, want=yawkay

Other points to remember: this is an extremely simple and context-sensitive language! The inflections are vague but they kind of have to be with such a simple structure. The order of the words makes a big difference.

The apple is red.
It (pointing at or holding the apple) red is-being.

It is John's apple.
It (pointing at or holding the apple) John's is-being.

I give John the apple.
I-am-giving it (the apple) to-John .
Keeshee Chawnaw 

We want to give him the apple.
We-are-wanting it (the apple) to-him-give.
Yaykay koshee

He gives it to John.
He is-giving it-to-John.
Koshee Chonaw

She gives it to him.
She-to-him- it-is-giving
She koshee (remember, the "she" is pronounced "sheh")

I like this! These phrases feel right and sound pretty close to the stuff Boushh says. It feels way too simple and vague to really work as the language of a star-faring people, but if feels right at least.

And no, I couldn't resist putting in the Hello Kitty Boushh pic up there.


Unknown said...

Like the way you've fleshed out this thing. But where are you getting the vocab. I didn't see any word for giving in ubese before.

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